Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

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Ryazan state regional theater for children and youth "Theatre on Sobornaja" presents  comedy by Nikolai Gogol “Christmas Eve".

It was clear frosty night on Christmas eve.  Small Ukrainian  village  Dikanka sleeps. Only stars are shining, snow sparkles and smoke swirls over pipes. Let as look in windows of huts? In one of them we can see an old Cossack Chub, he is putting on a sheepskin coat in order to visit his neighbors. In another - his beautiful daughter Oksana is preening in front of the mirror. Blacksmith Vakula is dropping to her hut, but she only taunts the lad, paying no attention on his tender words.  Typing stars in his sleeves, charming witch Solokha flies into the chimney. And there in far hut on the edge of the village beekeeper Panko sits. He is the master to tell stories. Let as listen the most fun of them? History with various miracles, where Devil stoles a Moon from the sky, blacksmith Vakula fly to St. Petersburg in one and the same night in order to get for his beloved Oksans the same slippers, as wear Queen Catherine the Greate.

The most beloved Ukrainian holiday, merry Christmas, is lovingly and tenderly recreated in the play: Christmas carols and incendiary dance hopak, rich embroidered shirts and trousers, also wreaths, ribbons and Christmas stars. Gogol's story seemed to be taken out from the  grandmother's chest, so sweet and charming.

In Russian. +12

Within the third International Theatre Festival  "Five evenings in Cyprus"  

Tickets: €25 / 20 

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