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Dying as a Country, Directing/dramaturgy: Elena Agathokleous

The final apology of a dead man who killed three people and stabbed eight more

19:00-19:45, 20:00-20:45

Protest Songs | Kypria International Festival


Rialto Theatre

Choreography by Fouli Stylianidou

Trigonopsaroulis I Theatro Tsepis

Yue Madeleine Yue I Theatro Tsepis

From Swing to Bebop / Kypria International Festival

The women

Rialto Theatre

FlashArt@Rialto 2, Neofytos Cultural Organization

Rose | Satiriko Theatre I Martin Sherman Kypria I International Festival

28 & 30/9 - FlashArt2 - On Stage

Breathing is not for granted Ι Vivliotropio

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